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    Huaxia Hengtai has more than ten senior engineers with more than 10 years of fan design experience. With years of R & D experience and full understanding of customer application and market, Huaxia Hengtai designs products that best meet customer needs, so that customers can get better use effect, lower noise and power consumption  we have a strong pre-sales and after-sales service team, which can cooperate with the development or provide corresponding improvement and optimization suggestions in the customer product development stage or improvement and optimization project; We can communicate with customers on site at any time to understand their real needs, development trend and industry trend; Help customers to do the corresponding technical training; In the shortest time, the fastest response to customer demand there are more than 60 sizes and more than 200 series fans; According to the market situation and customer demand tendency, collect relevant information and carry out forward-looking development; Expand product performance advantages and product series with more than 5 new products per month.

    Shenzhen Huaxia Hengtai Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of DC cooling fan, AC cooling fan, blower, cross flow fan and backward centrifugal fan. All kinds of axial cooling fans, cross flow fans, blowers, centrifugal cooling fans, brushless motors and other products manufactured by Hengtai sell well in China, Europe, North America, South Korea, Japan and other regions and countries, and are widely used in computer information industry, network communication industry, industrial production equipment, medical equipment, commercial household appliances and other fields.


    HXHT attended the 2016 DongGuan Songshan Lake International Marathon

    HXHT attended the 2016 DongGuan Songshan Lake International Marathon on March 27th.   

    HXHT have a travel of Hezhou of Guangxi Province

    HXHT have a travel of Hezhou of Guangxi Province.Hezhou is located in northeastern Guangxi. It borders Hunan to the north and Guangdong to the east.The company managers and key employees have  a ...

    Hengtai Sports meet day

    Shenzhen Huaxia Hengtai Electronics Co., Ltd. held a winter sports meet on November 22, 2020.This activity is divided into "Fancy Relay Race", "Circle to the End", "Balloon Ch...

    Hengtai Employee birthday party

    Huaxia Hengtai held the first staff birthday party on September 12, 2020.

    Specializing in the Design and Manufacture of Cooling Fans for 25 years



    Fax :86-755-27189911

    E-mail :mfancathy@gmail.com & market@szhxht.com

    Add :No.15 Lingwu Industrial Road Junzibu Guanlan Street Longhua District Shenzhen P.R.C

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