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    • 2020-11-23

      Hengtai Sports meet day

      Shenzhen Huaxia Hengtai Electronics Co., Ltd. held a winter sports meet on November 22, 2020.This activity is divided into "Fancy Relay Race", "Circle to the End", "Balloon Challenge Race" and "Tug of War" held in the morning, and "the glory of the king&q...

    • 2020-09-14

      Hengtai Employee birthday party

      Huaxia Hengtai held the first staff birthday party on September 12, 2020.

    • 2018-06-07

      HXHT got ATEX Certificate

      Shenzhen huaxia hengtai EC fan also meet EU ATEX directive andprotect most of flammable refrigerant (such as R600a, R290, R32, etc.) to makesure the safety while normal or abnormal operation condition 

    • 2017-04-17

      The new products of 254mm&200mm EC/AF cooling fan

      HXHT launched the 254mm&200mm EC/AF cooling fan.Compare with the normal cooling fan,EC/AF cooling fan can save up 30% or over energy.This is the test data of the 254mm&200mm EC/AF cooling fan.



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